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Esfahan Steel Rebar

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Esfahan Ahan Apadana Company was founded in 1999 as a trading company in the steel industry.

Esfahan Ahan Company set up a software platform and a telephone answering center in order to achieve a secure, quick, responsive and transparent context in the iron and steel market of Iran.
With many years of successful experience, Isfahan Ahan Co. has sought to be considered as a trustable platform for domestic big manufacturers for direct and immediate delivery of the products to the real customers. Moreover, increasing development and getting the export licenses led to the foreign export.

Currently, Isfahan Ahan Co. exports the products to Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and aims to export steel products to other parts of the world, too.

Address: No.63 Khodaverdi Ave. Bustan Saadi St. Esfahan Iran